Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Ninja Challenge Voting

The voting to send 3 American challengers to compete in Ninja Warrior 21 has begun! You can find the link HERE. G4 used to have a half assed obstacle course to pick the finalists after the fan voting, but now the whole thing is entirely based off of only fan votes. My issue is I hope hope that the other voters aren't swayed by someone who may have a cool video, but they haven't done the necessary training to do well in Sasuke. A perfect example is using a trampoline. There's an obstacle in the first stage called the Jumping Spider (right) that has taken down MANY first stage competitors. Basically you have to jump from a trampoline and stick between 2 walls suspended over the water. Anyway, one of the best videos on G4 is by someone named Colin Bell. He was one of 2 finalists sent during the very depressing 19Th Sasuke. Anyway, he showed great promise but failed badly on the Jumping Spider. After not going last year Colin is back to try again. Apparently he's done some intense training and looks to be in better shape. HOWEVER, and I agree with this point that was brought up by theguy7121 from You tube, but notice in Colin's video theres NO TRAMPOLINE WHATSOEVER. If you watch his video he appears to be in great shape and could easily make it to the final stage, but can he erase the demons of Sasuke 19 and pass the Jumping Spider? I have no idea.
As for who I think should go this time, despite what I wrote about Colin I do think he deserves a 2ND chance, as well as Brian O, who had a very respectable showing in the last tournament but lost focus for a split second and failed on the flying chute. I think experience is the single greatest trait in any Ninja Warrior competitor. Colin and Brian have been there before. They know the course, they've dealt with the nerves of being up there for the first time and they could do great things. Sure, Levi was a rookie and made it all the way to stage 3, but how many Levi's are out there? That leaves us with one other person to send to Japan. Who should it be? That's where it gets interesting. Anyway, I've said my piece. Now go and vote!

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