Sunday, June 29, 2008

Apples to Apples. A fun game. Unless...

Played the game Apples to Apples with some friends last night. Its a great game, with loads of hilarious possibilities depending on the group you're playing with. Now I shall attempt to explain the rules for anyone not familiar. There's 2 card colors, red & green. The red cards all have a different person, place, thing, or event on them (ex: Count Dracula, losing your job, leaf blowers.) The green cards all have a different descriptive word on them (ex: elitist, magical, classic.) To begin, everyone gets 7 red cards. Then for the first round a judge is selected. The judge picks a green card and reads it aloud. Then, everyone who isn't the judge picks one of the red cards in their hand that they think best goes with the read aloud green card. Then the judge collects every one's selected red cards. Then he/she reads those red cards out and selects which one goes best with the green card they had for that round. The winner gets that green card. First player to get X number of green cards (depending on the number of players) wins. Now why have I gone through the trouble of (poorly) describing the rules for this game? Well the thing about the RED cards is while there are mostly normal ones like the examples listed above, some of the red cards have certain "questionable" topics on them. These include: (And I'm NOT making this up)

5) Hitler
4) In a Coma
3) Challenger Explosion
1) Hiroshima-1945

Now I'm not offended by this, in fact there were some hilarious combinations in the game with some of these red cards last night. But this post serves as a warning. If you're a Japanese AIDS patient who has a relative that's in a coma, or if you're Jewish and had a relative that was in the Challenger explosion...then this game ain't for you. I mean did they think there wouldn't be any awkwardness if a player was connected in some way to any of these? The thing is, as the night went on and these had all been revealed, we began speculating what other cards we wouldn't be the least bit surprised seeing. They included:

5) Rape
4) The KKK
3) The Holocaust
2) Child molesting
1) 9/11

And the thing is, there were like 4 unopened packs of red cards still in the box. So, there's a good chance at least ONE of the above was in there.Am I reading into this too much? Probably. Should all I be caring about is the fact that the game was unique and original and worth playing? Yes. Well, anyone else have a thought?

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