Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman vs. The Parking Garage

Haven't written on this thing for awhile, mostly because my girl and I went to Orlando for a week from July 2nd to the 9th. I had my video camera so once I figure out how to upload videos onto this thing, I'll put them on here.

Anyway, Thursday night we went to see The Dark Knight at a midnight showing. We got there an hour early and barely found seats together. We show up any later and Erica (my gf) and I aren't sitting together...which is very bad. I'm not going to bore everyone with a review because I can't do the movie justice, only to say that every good thing about it you've read is true even all the stuff about Ledger's performance deserving an Oscar. I had EXTREMELY high hopes going into the theater and all my expectations were more than exceeded. Definitely GO SEE IT!!! The only crazy thing that happened that night was that the theater we went to was in a shopping mall that had a big parking garage attached. When all 4 showings of the movie ended all the people got to their cars and left at one. This created a huge dilemma since there were only 2 people working the gates to get everyone out. Needless to say there were loads of white people with their panties in a bunch. By that point I was too tired to care and just wanted to go home. So, we sat in our car in this parking garage until it looked like we wouldn't be sitting in a line for hours, wasting gas. Needless to say, the movie ended at about 2:55am and we didn't get home til around 4:30. The thing is, the movie was so good I'd do it again in a heartbeat.