Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Feature!

Ok, no new Ninja Warrior news to report as we in the states wait patiently for G4 to air the 21st Sasuke tournament "this November." In the meantime with the NFL in full gear I decided to slap together some kind of weekly top ten list of the best teams from the previous week. Think of it as the lazy man's NFL power rankings in a weekly feature I'd like to call:

The Super Hidoi NFL Top 10

Week 3..wait, would this be considered week 3 rankings since week 2 is now over, or week 2 rankings since that's the week they're based off of? I guess it doesn't even matter since no one reads this blog anyway. Let's call it Week 3.

1) NY Giants - They won it all last year and until they lose, #1 is where they stay.

2) Green Bay Packers- Rodgers looks good so far, but remember they've only played an overrated Vikings team and a really bad Lions team. Next week will be the first test for them against the Cowboys.

3) Denver Broncos- Yes they should be 1-1 but so far Jay Cutler looks pretty darn good. If he can keep up the high level of play, all the while continuing to check his blood sugar, I mean checking it often, then they will be in the playoff hunt.

4) Dallas Cowboys- Yes, it pains me, a life long Eagles fan, to put the Cowboys before the Eagles on this list. If not for a costly miscue by McNabb the Eagles would've won. At least we know that you can still blitz the hell out of Romo so makes bad decisions. The rematch is on Dec. 28Th and may just decide the division crown....

5) Philadelphia Eagles- ...but first things first. Yes, we moved the ball at will on the Cowboys, but my concern is the 41 points our defense gave up in the loss. I hope this isn't a sign of our defense being old. No time to rest though, as the Steelers come to town next week.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers- Hey Ben, how's the shoulder? Ben? Ben come back!

7) New England Patriots- So they lost their best player. Big Deal. It happens. They're still basically the same team that went 16-0 last year (in case you hadn't heard). Cassel has some great players and coaches around him, so in theory this team should be fine. In theory Communism works. In theory.

8) Buffalo Bills- An old friend of mine that I am unfortunately not in touch with anymore was a huge Bills fan, and I knew him during the infamous days when they would go the the Super Bowl and lose horribly. Well, these are different times! They have the pieces. I'm not saying Superbowl by any stretch but don't sleep on them.

9) Carolina Panthers- They could easily be 0-2 right now but they are not. They have the moxie to come from behind which is a good trait, but ya gotta start to wonder if its a good thing they've been down late to begin with.

10) San Diego Chargers- By the ghost of Natrone Means I won't give up on them!

Honorable mentions: Bears, Redskins, Colts

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